Coverage for the Unexpected – Accident Insurance

There are 40 million Emergency Room/doctor’s visits every year resulting from injury.1

Accident insurance can provide an additional layer of protection if you get injured as a result of an accident.

Although your health insurance will provide coverage for treatment of your injuries, you may still have out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and deductibles.  You may also need additional monies to help during your recovery, especially if you are unable to work.

Accident Insurance pays a lump sum based on the injury incurred – not the expense incurred.  The lump sum is paid directly to you and you can choose to use the payment any way you wish.

You can choose how much coverage you want and your premium will be based on that amount of coverage.  Some plans provide guaranteed issue, however, if you are willing to answer some basic medical questions, you can get higher benefit levels.

Payout of benefits will be dependent upon the severity of the injury.  The more severe the injury the greater the payout.

 Still not sure you need accident insurance?  Consider Josh. 

Josh is an avid outdoors man.  While riding his new bike through the woods, he hits a stump and crashes his bike and breaks his arm.  Between the ambulance ride to the hospital and the repair to his fractured arm, he experienced almost $10,000 in expenses associated with his accident.

Josh has a high deductible insurance plan, and after recently buying his bike, has very little in savings.  Because the fracture meets the benefit requirements of his accident plan, Josh is able to take a lump sum benefit to help pay his out-of-pocket medical expenses and has some money left over to help repair his bike.

 Who may need accident insurance?

  • Individuals and families with an activate lifestyle
  • Individuals and families with small children
  • Anyone with current health Insurance
  • Anyone with a limited budget for unexpected medical expenses

Are you a business owner?

Offering group accident insurance as part of your benefits package can provide your employees with an extra level of financial protection at a lower group benefit rate.

Make sure you’re covered so you can enjoy life to the max!          


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